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donate 2 dollar for feed 5 children

donate 2 dollar for feed 5 children

Environmental Conservation

Preventive Healthcare

Social Welfare

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Welcome to Aarohan- The NGO

India is a country where millions of people still live in poor and harsh conditions. Our society is gripped with several issues that affect our surrounding. As a part of society, we believe it is our responsibility to work towards the betterment of the society. The objective of Aarohan is to provide suitable and favorable conditions that will help in supporting the development and welfare of underprivileged section of society. At Aarohan, we undertake various awareness programs related to women empowerment, environment conservation, preventing healthcare, modern education and organic farming. We also run wide range of programs of social welfare to support all the causes that Aarohan stands for. Inspired by the Government of India initiatives of a "Swachh Bharata", we organize awareness program and workshops to help unemployed youth and promote cleanliness and personal hygiene in urban and rural India. We also offer support towards women empowerment and child education so that women and children can enjoy growth opportunities to improve their standard of living. Towards achieving our goal, we dedicate our time, resources and skills to reach out to the needy and poor people.

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Causes For Change

Preventive Healthcare :

At Aarohan, we are committed towards our objectives of empowerment of women and underprivileged through our various Social Welfare programs and supporting them to get access to formal education. "Education is a basic human right", which they are deprived of due to poverty or unawareness of their parents or guardians.

Environmental Conservation :

Aarohan understands, that "We can't go back in past and undo the damage done to the environment". Thus, we have taken up causes of environment conservation keeping a wholesome approach towards the issue by targeting the rural farmers to be a part of this change by creating awareness amongst them about the impact of pesticides and chemical fertilizers over our eco system and how we can meet those challenges through adopting organic farming and implementing green and environment friendly farming practices.

Social Welfare :

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We believe and understand the importance of preventive health program as keeping yourself healthy means lesser visits to hospitals and the same results into less stress over the government healthcare and social welfare are schemes. It also protects the environment by cutting carbon footprints due to lesser consumption and requirement of lesser production of medicines.

Preventive Healthcare Program

Our Objective: To spread awareness among urban and rural people about the harmful effects of unhealthy lifestyle and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits in the..

Promoting Environmental Conservation Program

Our Objective: To spread awareness among rural farmers about the impact of pesticides and chemical fertilizers over our eco system and encourage them to adopt organic farmi..

Let's Create the Change

The ongoing Campaigns

Rural Education Program

Skill development Program

Organic farming campaign

Environmental Impact & Solutions

Health Care Awareness Program

Disease Causes and prevention

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Winter Clothes Donation

Saturday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

By Aarohan-The NGO

B-23/C-1, sector-62, Noida -201307



Plantation Drive Activity

Monday 09:00am - 11.00am

By Aarohan Team

Sector -62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh



Health Awareness Roadshow

Wednesday 11:00am - 07.00pm

By Aarohan Team

Sector -62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh



Help Underprivileged

Saturday 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm

By Aarohan Team

Sector -62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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Aarohan-The NGO is a non-governmental organization committed towards the uplifting and betterment of the society. Since its incorporation, Aarohan has undertaken various steps to aware people about healthy living, harmful effects of pesticides, organic farming and social welfarea


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